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I am Cheryl. I have been passionate about horses for as long as I can remember. Born and raised on the outskirts of London, I spent much of my time trying to find anyway I could to be around horses

My Story

Dreaming of horses

I have been passionate about horses for as long as I can remember. I even worked hard to convince my parents that it would be possible to get all the neighbours to join their gardens into one so I could have a pony. I would do chores and save my pocket money to pay for riding lessons when ever I could.


Eventually my dreams became a reality when I became the owner of an off the track thoroughbred, Paris. Paris had been through several owners and was cynical about humans. Together we embarked on a journey of learning, of discovery and of friendship. Paris has grown from a spooky sceptical horse with a serious bolt into my ultimate equine partner and I have learned heaps in the process.


I studied natural horsemanship and travelled to France with my horse, Paris. There we spent two years immersed in all things equestrian. I studied herd dynamics, hoof care and trimming, equine nutrition, horse behaviour, young horse development and saddle fitting. In addition to working on my own skills with my own horse, I worked with numerous project horses of various breeds and ages.


I then continued my studies in Colorado, USA, where I studied intensively at the Parelli Natural Horsmanship campus, receiving lessons from Pat and Linda Parelli and their top instructors. Of course the best teacher is the horse himself and my lease horse, Boaz, took me to my limits and beyond as we rapidly built a relationship whilst developing our skills and performance abilities.

Horse & Rider Naturally

Having returned to the UK, I then began providing lessons to others that wanted to improve their relationship with their horses. I provide tuition in confidence and relationship building for horses and their human partners, not to mention trailer loading, colt starting and dealing with problematic horse behaviour. You can find out more by visiting www.horseandridernaturally.com

Saddle Fitting

I am now a saddle fitter and supplier of quality flexible treed and treeless saddles, in partnership with Skyriding. I provide private consultations to help each rider find the best saddle system for them and their horse. Find out more by visiting the Saddle Fitting section of this page or contact me for details.

Saddle Fitting

I am a saddle fitter with a difference. Following my time in Europe and the United states I have had the opportunity to view and ride in many types of saddles that have not been freely available within the UK and I am now possibly the only saddle fitter in the UK of various brands of flexible treed and treeless saddles. Today’s technology and materials means that there are numerous brands of saddles which can be made with the pressure distributing properties we have come to expect from a treed saddle, but with the increased flexibility for freedom of movement and improve comfort for the horse and the rider. Through international fitters and suppliers, Skyriding, I am able to introduce quality saddles to the UK which have previously been predominantly restricted to mainland Europe and the USA. Saddles that were developed by top level Italian and French endurance riders are now available within the UK for riders who want a saddle that is as versatile, innovative and beautiful as it is beneficial to both horse and rider. I provide private consultations to help each rider find the best saddle system for them and their horse with a view to seeking the best for health, harmony and performance. Demonstrations and workshops can also be arranged. You can find out more about the Saddle Fitting service I offer by contacting me directly. You can also find information on the saddles and my associates at Skyriding by visiting www.skyriding.be (please note you will need to select the translate option, however an English website is currently under construction). Saddles featured include Pampa, Trekker, Freeform, Flexible and (soon) Bua. Good sites to learn more about these saddles include: Freeform – www.treelesssaddle.com/freeform/   Trekker/Flexible – www.trekkerflexiblesaddles.com/saddles.html   Bua – www.buasaddles.com/   Pampa – www.pampasaddlery.com.ar/site/en/index.html

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Horse & Rider Naturally

I offer tuition on a wide range of areas including horse and rider confidence, relationship building through groundwork, quality foundation riding training, trailer loading and young horse development. I love to share the knowledge and experience I have acquired and help others achieve things with their horses that they had never before dreamt of. For Cheryl, horsemanship goes far beyond technique and the type of tools you use. It is about  using communication and understanding to build a rewarding partnership.

Rescue Work

Cheryl met Victor, a cross breed colt six weeks after he had been taken in by Second Chance Animal Rescue. Victor had been abandoned along with a Shetland pony and set loose on the road outside the sanctuary. Too scared to be caught, Victor eventually followed his braver pony friend up the track into the rescue centre where he was stabled. He was underweight and his hooves were overgrown and splitting apart. His mane and tail were heavily matted and his dull coat was infested with lice. Cold, itchy and hungry Victor quickly realised he had stumbled onto a good thing as his belly became full of hay and loving humans offered to scratch his itch neck.

Cheryl heard about Victor and decided to see what she could do to help him. He was curious but insecure and so Cheryl used gentle approach and retreat to build his confidence with being touched. She quickly decided that she wanted to bring Victor back to join her herd where she would be able to bring him on and help him reach his potential and ultimately find him a forever home. First thing was to build his confidence with being touched all over, as Victor would need to be vaccinated and castrated before he could move. He also needed to be trailer loaded and learn to have his feet handled so he could have his first, and incredibly overdue, trim. Within two weeks he was castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and passported. He was unsure about trailer loading when he was first led toward the 7.5 tonne horsebox that arrived for him. The neighbours came to watch as Cheryl began using careful timing and pressure and release to help Victor work out the trailer loading puzzle. Added pressure came when the Rescue centre owner revealed that there was only a 20 minute window. Victor must have been timing it because just as time was about to run out he casually walked into the horsebox with the confidence of a horse that had done it hundreds of times before. Cheryl continues to enjoy educating Victor, introducing him to the joys of a life with loving, caring humans. He is now embarking on the start of his ridden career and has developed into one of the most popular horses on the yard. His friendly nature can melt any heart and he is proof that no matter how bad a start you may have, with support love and clear guidance anything is possible. You can find out more about Victor and his progress by visiting the Horse and Rider Naturally Facebook page.




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